Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goyo Hashiguchi

"Woman at a Hot-Spring Hotel"
ca. 1920
Woodblock print
44.5 × 26.4 cm (17.52 × 10.39 in)
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Goyō Hashiguchi (1880 - 1921) was an artist in Japan.
His prints are of extremely high quality standards.
They were sold at very high prices at the time of their first publication and sold well nevertheless.
The tragedy of Hashiguchi was the short time span of only two years to produce these superb masterworks.
In late 1920, Hashiguchi's latent health problems escalated into meningitis. He supervised his last print "Woman at a Hot-Spring Hotel" from his death bed, but could not finish it personally. He died at the age of 41.
It is said that his total production numbers fourteen prints.