Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cross, Henri-Edmond

Rio san Trovaso, Venise
oil on canvas
92 x 73 cm (36,2 x 28,7 inches)
Galerie Daniel Malingue, Paris

Henri-Edmond Cross (1856 – 1910) was a French pointillist painter.
His early works, portraits and still lifes, were in the dark colors of realism, but after meeting with Claude Monet in 1883, he painted in the brighter colors of Impressionism.
He began his Pointillist period after spending time with Paul Signac in 1904.
Signac called Cross the lonely genius, ‘impassive and consistent thinker, who is simultaneously a passionate and strange dreamer’.
From year to year Cross’ palette became richer and richer; the strong colors of his late works are close to Fauvism, perhaps influenced by his acquaintance with Henri Matisse.