Thursday, September 29, 2011

De Las Mercedes, Franck

Rip n Tear
Acrylic and collage on canvas
64" x 46" (163 x 117cm)
FDLM Studio (Painter's Studio in NJ, USA)

Franck de Las Mercedes (1972~ ) is a Nicaraguan born painter raised in New York City and has emerged as one of the country's most prolific visual artists in recent years. His art combines expressionism, photography and collage to illustrate the aftermath of emotionally charged experiences and depictions of how he sees the world around him.
His works have been featured on numerous national and international media including, LatiNation, CNN En Español, Selecciones (Reader's Digest), Art Business News, Museum VIEWS, American Style and The Artist's magazine, etc.
"My work is a personal exploration of my psyche and the emotions that emerge in the present, triggered by memory or current experiences. Observing my feelings and body sensations without questioning them or intellectualizing them, allows me to release the strength of those emotions onto the surface."