Saturday, October 1, 2011

El Greco

Lady with a Fur
Oil on canvas
51 x 62 cm (20.08" x 24.41")
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, United Kingdom

El Greco (c.1541-1614) was born in Crete and was a painter, sculptor and architect of the Spanish Renaissance.
He was disdained by the immediate generations after his death because his work was opposed in many respects to the principles of the early baroque style. He was deemed incomprehensible and had no important followers. Some of the commentators described his mature work as "contemptible", "ridiculous", "strange", "queer", "eccentric" and "odd".
With the arrival of Romantic sentiments in the late 18th century, his works were examined anew and he was regarded as the precursor and the ideal romantic hero.
Most people believe that "Lady with a Fur" is a portrait of El Greco's beloved partner Jeronima.