Saturday, December 10, 2011

Delvaux, Paul

Muchachas desnudas en el campo o Las amigas
(Naked girls on the field or girl friends)
Oil on canvas
143 x 200 cm
other unknown

Paul Delvaux (1897 – 1994) was a Belgian painter, associated with Surrealism, famous for his paintings of female nudes.

He was the son of a lawyer. The young Delvaux took music lessons, studied Greek and Latin, and absorbed the fiction of Jules Verne and the poetry of Homer. All of his work was to be influenced by these readings, starting with his earliest drawings showing mythological scenes.

Delvaux acknowledged his influences, saying of de Chirico, "with him I realized what was possible, the climate that had to be developed, the climate of silent streets with shadows of people who can't be seen, I've never asked myself if it's surrealist or not." He did not consider himself "a Surrealist in the scholastic sense of the word." "Delvaux ... always maintained an intimate and privileged relationship to his childhood, which is the underlying motivation for his work and always manages to surface there. This 'childhood,' existing within him, led him to the poetic dimension in art."