Sunday, December 11, 2011

Uden, Lucas van

Winter Landscape with Hunters
year unknown
Oil on canvas
65.5 x 40.7cm (16 x 25.8 in)
Private collection

Lucas van Uden (1595 - 1672) was the son of a town painter of Antwerp, and grandson of a  founder of a noted tapestry and silk factory in the city.  He spent most of his career in Antwerp.

His great talent was for observing nature. He habitually rose before dawn to take walks in the country, to study the effects of sunrise and to sketch.
He was strongly influenced by Rubens. He copied numerous Rubens compositions and introduced Rubensian elements into his own landscapes. The wide, horizontal orientation and deep horizons of his landscapes clearly show a debt to Rubens. On the whole, however, he demonstrates a more prosaic mind and more piecemeal approach.
General characteristics are a tonally-green recessive view punctuated by slender trees and populated by incidental pastoral and peasant figures.
Watercolors and etchings, for which Van Uden is most admired, display his refined sense of light and mood.