Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fijalkowski, Stanislaw

year unknown
oil on canvas
61.5 x 50 cm
private collection

Fijalkowski (1922 - . Polish painter) believed that "unreal" shapes are justified in paintings when they are saturated with meaning. He said "...apart from interpreting reality within an esoteric dimension, there appeared in his paintings the need to organize the esoteric meanings inherent in form."

He admits that the shape of his art was to a significant degree determined by the writings of Kandinsky and Mondrian, and by his interest in Surrealism. These two branches of 20th century art unexpectedly combined in Fijalkowski's art to produce results.
 "I attempted more boldly to create forms that did not impose a single meaning, leaving viewers fully free to access the ingredients of their personalities, that may be unconscious or repressed but are absolutely truthful. I sought, and continue to strive, to create form that is only the beginning of the work as generated by the viewer, each time in a new shape..."

He has received numerous domestic and international awards at a number of exhibitions.