Monday, April 9, 2012

Goyo Hashiguchi

Woman in Blue Combing Her Hair
woodblock print on paper
44.6 x 32.7 cm (17.6 x 12.9 in)   
Walters Art Museum

Hashiguchi, Goyo (1880 - 1921) was born to a wealthy samurai family. He was extremely gifted and graduated as best student of Fine Arts School. He is one of the most celebrated artists, particularly renowned for his woodblock prints of beautiful women, also known as bijin-ga.

His production standards were so high that only woodblock prints of superior quality were allowed to be sold and distributed. During his lifetime, only thirteen prints were completed. Due to Goyo's exacting standards, these prints were published in very small editions, usually less than eighty in number. Because of their rarity and extraordinary beauty, portrait prints by him are among the most highly prized of all bijin-ga prints. 

He died in his artistic prime at the age of 41 of meningitis, and his works are regarded by many to be among the finest bijin-ga (woodblock prints of beautiful women) of the twentieth century.