Friday, April 6, 2012

Grabar, Igor

Winter Morning
oil on canvas
125 x 124 cm
Sebastopol Art Museum, Sebastopol, Ukraine

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar (1871 - 1960), descendant of a wealthy Rusyn family born in Budapest (then the Austro-Hungarian Empire, now Hungary), was a Russian post-impressionist painter and a representative mainly in the genre of socialist realism. His parents were active participants of the Slav liberation movement being persecuted by the government, and had to flee to Russia.

After being graduated from the department of law at Petersburg University he turned to art, enrolling at the Saint Petersburg Academy of Fine Art. He was notable for a peculiar divisionist painting technique bordering on pointillism and his rendition of snow. He stayed at the top of the Soviet art establishment until his death, excluding a brief voluntary retirement period.