Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Krafft, Johann Peter

Ruggiero and Angelica
Oil on wood
134 x 103 cm
Akademie der bildenden Künste, Vienna

Johann Peter Krafft (1780 - 1856) was a German-Austrian painter, teacher and curator.
He was born in Hanau, Hesse. At the age of ten, he began his art studies at the Hanau Akademie. In 1799, he moved to Vienna and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts for three years under the tutelage of Heinrich Füger. From 1802 to 1808, he studied in Paris, with Jacques-Louis David and François Gérard, and then in Rome. On his return to Vienna he produced numerous portraits, a genre that occupied him for the rest of his career, allowing him to make a handsome living. His portraits are characterized by the emphasis he placed on specific traits of the face of the sitter, by an economy of outline and by the cool, often sharply graduated coloring.
He painted the portrait of Franz II and Archduke Karl. The picture on the battle of Aspera is also well-known.