Friday, March 15, 2013

Hassam, Childe

Boston Common at Twilight
oil on canvas
106.7 x 152.4 cm
Museum of Fine arts, Boston, MA, USA

Frederick Childe Hassam (1859 - 1935) was a prominent and prolific American Impressionist painter, noted for his urban and coastal scenes. He was born in Dorchester (now part of Boston), into a family descended from settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Along with Mary Cassatt and John Henry Twachtman, he was instrumental in promulgating Impressionism to American collectors, dealers, and museums. He produced over 3,000 paintings, watercolors, etchings, and lithographs over the course of his career, and was an influential American artist of the early 20th century. With these works he achieved critical acclaim and commercial success, riding the great wave of enthusiasm for American Impressionism to fame and fortune. Throughout his career he garnered numerous awards and prizes and earned the attention of the collectors. His work was widely exhibited throughout the country.