Saturday, April 19, 2014

Angel Della Valle

el juego del pato (the duck game)
year unknown
oil on canvas
95.4 x 146.4 cm   
National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Angel della Valle (1855-1903) was born in Buenos Aires as a son of a family of Italian immigrants. He was an Argentine painter of the Generation of '80, which marked the pictorial realism.

He traveled to Italy in 1875 to perfect himself in the art of oil painting, as there were no art schools in Buenos Aires. He settled in Florence to study art and stayed there for 8 years. In 1883 he returned to Argentina and set up his workshop in his parents' house. He joined the artists group that emerged in Buenos Aires and made the Generation of '80. He devoted himself to teaching painting, becoming a great teacher. He had a preference for traditional themes gaucho. And he also painted portraits. He died in Buenos Aires in 1903.