Monday, May 26, 2014

Asensio Julia

The Colossus
oil on canvas
116 × 105 cm
Prado Museum, Madrid, Spain

In 2008, The Colossus, a work formerly attributed to Francisco Goya, was re-attributed to Julia by specialists at the Museo del Prado. The attribution is generally but not universally accepted. Authorship disputed, Prado Museum now claims this work was authored by Asensio Julia.

Asensio Julia i Alvarracin (1760-1832) was a Spanish painter and engraver best known as a student and follower of Francisco Goya. Julia was born in Valencia and studied at the Royal Academy of San Carlos and at the Academy of San Fernando. The critics consider him Goya's only disciple.

In 1798 Goya received one of the most important commissions of his career: the decoration in fresco of the church of San Antonio de la Florida in Madrid. Goya's deafness was getting worse and his health was very unstable and he got tired very easily. This is why he employed an assistant for this work. His name was Asensio Julia, although he was known as the "pescadoret" possibly because he was the son of a fisherman.