Friday, June 13, 2014

Eleuterio Pagliano

Geography lessons (La lezione di geografia)
oil on canvas
125.7 x 180 cm
Gallerie di Piazza Scala, Milan, Italy

Eleuterio Pagliano (1826-1903) was an Italian painter of the Romantic period as well as an activist and fighter of the Risorgimento. He was born in the Kingdom of Sardinia and studied in Milan. He began his artistic career with paintings in a distinctly Neoclassical style, but very quickly he was won over to Romanticism. He joined the popular revolt against the Austrian garrison in Milan known as the cinque giornate (five days) of 1848. Also, he joined the Bersaglieri di Manara in the defense of the Republic of Rome in 1848, but returned to painting by 1851. Later in his life, he became an art teacher. He died in Milan at the age of 75. During his lifetime his paintings had failed to make a great stir; however, his reputation increased when, shortly after his death, an exhibition in his honor was mounted in Milan.