Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nadir Afonso

oil on canvas
other details unknown
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Nadir Afonso, Gose (1920-2013) was a geometric abstractionist painter. Formally trained in architecture, which he practiced early in his career with Le Corbusier and Oscar Niemeyer, Nadir Afonso later studied painting in Paris and became one of the pioneers of Kinetic art, working alongside Victor Vasarely, Fernand Leger, Auguste Herbin, and Andre Bloc. As a theorist of his own geometry-based aesthetics, published in several books, he defended the idea that art is purely objective and ruled by laws that treat art not as an act of imagination but of observation, perception, and form manipulation.

He was born in Chaves. When he was born, his parents wanted to call him Orlando, but at the suggestion of a friend of his father's he was registered with a Persian and Hebrew name. Nadir means "rare" in Hebrew. At the young age of four, he painted an almost perfect circle in red on the walls of the family’s living-room, and at the age of fourteen he painted his first oil paintings. After completing secondary school in Chaves, he moved to Porto, in 1938, to enroll in the Painting course at the Porto School of Fine Arts, but was then convinced by a school clerk to forget about Painting and choose Architecture instead, as it was more prestigious.

He achieved international recognition early in his career and many of his works are in museums. His most famous works are the Cities series, which depict places all around the world. During his life he achieved great honors, representing his country at the finest level.