Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vasco Fernandes

Jesus in the House of Marta
Grao Vasco Museum, Viseu, Portugal
other details unknown

Vasco Fernandes (c.1475-c.1542), better known as Grao Vasco, was one of the main Portuguese Renaissance painters.
He was probably born in Viseu, in Northern Portugal, where he began his career in the team of painters executing the main altarpiece of Viseu Cathedral. Between 1506 and 1511 he painted the main altarpiece of Lamego Cathedral. After working in the Santa Cruz Monastery of Coimbra, he returned to Viseu and executed a series of altarpieces for Viseu Cathedral, considered his main works. A line of Portuguese wines are labelled with his masterpiece under the name Grao Vasco.