Monday, September 15, 2014

Emanuel Vidovic

oil on canvas
other detail unknown

Vranjic is a settlement, closely north of Split, Croatia, near the mouth of Jadro River. Because of its beauty it was nicknamed "Little Venice".

Emanuel Vidovic (1870-1953) was a painter and graphic artist from Split, Croatia. His landscapes, and especially his later interiors of churches around Split and Trogir were well received by critics and the public.

In 1887, at age 17, he enrolled as a student of sculpture at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice. He transferred to the painting department, but was dissatisfied with the conservatism of the teaching, and in 1890 gave up his formal studies. He struggled for a time to support himself, painting scenes around Venice. He painted plein air landscapes, and more stylized, larger canvases back in his studio. For many years he was Professor of Drawing at the High School, and at the School of Crafts in Split.

In 1986, the Emanuel Vidovic Gallery was opened in Split, featuring the life and works of the artist. Part of the City Museum in Split, it contains a collection of paintings, photographs, and the artists's studio.