Thursday, September 18, 2014

Vjekoslav Karas

Roman Woman Playing a Lute
oil on canvas
98.5 x 74 cm
The Croatian History Museum, Zagreb, Croatia

Vjekoslav Karas (1821-1858) was a Croatian painter, considered a pioneer of a new era of Croatian painting and art in general. He mostly painted biblical and religious themes but he was best known for his work on portraits. In addition to painting, he also played the flute and the guitar.

Born in Karlovac, Croatia, he was educated in Italy. In 1848 he returned to Croatia and taught at the Institute of Fine Arts in Zagreb. By then, he was suffering from depression and attempted to commit suicide after which he spent some time living under the protection of a bishop. In 1858, still suffering from depression and living in poverty, he committed suicide by drowning in the Korana river in his native Karlovac.