Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wilhelm Marstrand

Italian Osteria Scene, Girl welcoming a Person entering
oil on canvas
other detail unknown

Nicolai Wilhelm Marstrand (1810-1873), born in Copenhagen, Denmark, is one of the most renowned artists belonging to the Golden Age of Danish Painting. He ranked among Denmark's great painters of all time, to some authorities perhaps as the very greatest. Certainly, he was vastly productive and mastered a remarkable variety of genres - his disinterest for landscape art being a notable exception.

He was enchanted with Italy, where he stayed for more than four years in total, and with the ways of life of the Italian people. He portrayed a colorful, joyous, and romantic view of them, infused with a newfound ideal of beauty. He returned to Denmark at the end of 1841, and in Denmark he strove to bring back that which he learned in Italy, and allow it to develop in his home culture.

He became a member of the art Academy in 1843, and became a professor in 1848. He was named Director of the art Academy during two periods: the first period from 1853-1857, the second from 1863 until his death. In 1867 he was awarded the rank of State Councillor. In 1871 he was struck with a brain hemorrhage and partially paralysed, losing much of his work capacity.