Monday, October 13, 2014

Evert Larock

The Cinder clearance
Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium
detail unknown

Everard Larock (1865-1901) was a realistic Belgian painter. Most of his paintings are about the daily life of lower-class. He was an early advocate of plein air painting and was influenced by the bright color scheme of impressionism, but usually chose subjects that were more naturalistic in character.

He studied at the evening classes of Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp while he worked in studios of a decorative artist during the day. During his military duty in 1884, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and was exempted from further service. He began taking day classes at the Academy, spending his evenings working and studying. Despite his illness, he managed to exhibit widely throughout Northern and Central Europe and began to attract positive critical attention. When he became too ill to work he entered a sanitarium, but stayed for only a short time, preferring to die in his hometown.