Thursday, January 15, 2015

Georgios Jakobides

Mother and Child
oil on canvas
28 x 22cm
other detail unknown

Georgios Jakobides (1853-1932) was a Greek painter and one of the main representatives of the Greek artistic movement of the Munich School. His work is influenced by German academic Realism, his most famous paintings were of children. He opposed all new artistic tendencies, including Impressionism and Expressionism, but supported younger artists to follow their own individual artistic tendencies. He founded and was the first curator of the National Gallery of Greece in Athens.

His first education was in Smyrna, Ottoman Empire. From 1870 to 1876 he studied sculpture and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, and in 1877 he went to the Akademie in Munich on a scholarship to continue his painting studies. In Munich he lived for 17 years where he worked in his studio, painting mythological scenes, genre pictures, and portraits. In the capital of Bavaria he was regarded as a successful German artist selling many of his works at high prices.

The Greek government invited him in 1900 to return to Athens to organize the National Gallery of Athens, and in 1904 he was appointed Director of the Athens School of Fine Arts where he taught for 25 years. At this time, additional to his themes he produced formal portraits of eminent Greeks, e.g.Queen Sophia. He was given awards at five international exhibhits: among those in Berlin 1891 and in Paris 1900.