Thursday, January 22, 2015

John Dickson Batten

The Garden of Adonis (Amoretta and Time)
oil on canvas
104.1 x 127 cm
location unknown

John Dickson Batten (1860-1932), born in Plymouth, Devon, was a British painter of figures in oils, tempera and fresco and a book illustrator and print maker. He went to Trinity College, Cambridge, and entered the Inner Temple in 1884. However, he soon abandoned law for art, studying at the Slade School of Art and exhibiting at the Royal Academy and with the Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society, etc. He was a founder-member of the Society of Painters in Tempera (1901), its Secretary for twenty years.

He is chiefly remembered for his illustrations to the books of fairy tales edited by Joseph Jacobs and published by David Nutt in the 1890s; for his colour-woodcuts in the Japanese style; and as one of the leading exponents of the tempera and fresco revival.
He also illustrated English versions of Tales from the Arabian Nights and Dante's Inferno.