Monday, April 13, 2015

Constantin Daniel Rosenthal

Portrait of Maria Rosetti
other details unknown

Constantin Daniel Rosenthal (1820-1851) was a Romanian painter and sculptor, best known for his portraits and his choice of Romanian Romantic nationalist subjects. His work is a sly representation of the idealism and nationalism that presented itself in early 19th century Romania- where the precariousness of the socio-economic situation made people generally uneasy.

Despite his conservative painting style, he was a revolutionary in terms of politics. He advocated and even participated in revolutionary groups in Bucharest, Wallachia in the 1840s, at the time when the European Revolutions were sweeping across Europe. At that time, he was introduced to the liberal-radical circles, becoming very close to Constantin Alexandru Rosetti, a Romanian political leader. Unfortunately he did not meet a peaceful end. He was exiled later by the Ottomans, from where he left to live in Paris. There he found his bitter end at the hands of the despotism of the Second French Republic.