Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ferdinand Fagerlin

Girl in front of a mirror
oil on canvas
47 × 47 cm
location unknown

Ferdinand Julius Fagerlin (1825-1907) was a Swedish-German genre painter. Born in Stockholm, he first apprenticed as a shipbuilder before attending the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts. He joined the army (1850-1854) and practiced painting, particularly portraits. From 1854 on he dedicated himself completely to painting. He spent time in Paris (1856-1858), where he worked in the shop of Thomas Couture. On his return to Dusseldorf he settled as a painter and, from 1862 to 1902 he was a member of a Dusseldorf art society. After 1863 he traveled frequently to the Netherlands, and the imagery he acquired there, particularly of the Dutch coast and the life of its sailors and inhabitants became formative in his genre painting.