Monday, April 27, 2015

Hoca Ali Riza

Istanbul, Istanbul
oil on canvas
61 x 43.5 cm
location unknown

Hoca Ali Riza (1858-1930) was a Turkish painter and art teacher, known primarily for his Impressionist landscapes and architectural paintings.

His father was a cavalry major and an amateur calligrapher. After completing his basic education, he attended a Military High School, continuing to the Turkish Military Academy where he studied art. In 1881, he received an award from Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Three years later, he graduated with the rank of Lieutenant. In 1891, he became part of a government commission examining Turkish-Islamic artifacts. Four years later, he was promoted to a Senior Captain and he began working as a designer at the new Imperial Porcelain Factory. During the Greco-Turkish War, he was a battle painter in Ionia.

In 1903, he served on a commission to create the Museum of Antiquities. Six years later, he became head of the Military Publications Office and served for two years. During those years, he was also chairman of the Ottoman Painter's Association. In 1911, he retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.