Thursday, April 9, 2015

Nina Arbore

Still life with the queen of the night
oil on board
68 x 47 cm
other detail unknown
fair use

Tamara Nina Arbore (1889-1942) was a Romanian painter and illustrator, known for her still-lifes.
Her father and older sister were both well-known political activists. In 1906, she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. After completing her studies, she went to Paris, where she found a position in the studio of Henri Matisse.

Upon her return to Bucharest, she held her first personal exhibition there. Together with her friends, she formed what was known as the Group of Three Ladies. In 1916, her group became the founders of the Association of Female Sculptors and Painters, which was sponsored by the Romanian royal family.

Many of her paintings were bought by a noted critic, poet and art collector, who wrote extensively about her work, comparing it to classical Byzantine art and the works of the Quattrocento. She was awarded a first-class prize at the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Her reputation was enhanced by a series of social-awareness themed engravings and illustrations done for the magazine Cuvantul Liber during the thirties. In addition to her canvases, she provided decorations for churches.