Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Pal Bohm

Scene at the Bank of River Tisza
oli on wood
38 x 46.7 cm
Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

Pal (Paul) Bohm (1839-1905) was a Hungarian genre painter. He first studied drawing with his father, who was a maintenance engineer at the bishop's manor. After finishing elementary school, he tried his hand at many crafts, including carpentry, coppersmithing and toy making. He worked as a sign-board and scenery painter, then joined strolling actors.

In 1862, he finally decided to became a painter, eventually travelling to Vienna. In 1865, he returned to his hometown and attempted to make a living by painting portraits and altarpieces. He was sufficiently established to earn a decent living and moved to Budapest, where he exhibited with the National Society of Hungarian Fine Arts. He also briefly operated a painting school. In 1871, he received a scholarshipwhich enabled him to travel to Munich, where he quickly became part of the city's artistic life and associated with a group of Hungarian painters. There, he painted romantic landscapes with figures. In 1875, he settled in Munich permanently.