Sunday, May 24, 2015

Diego Quispe Tito

The Legend of Santa Sophronia
between 1660 and 1699
53.3 × 221 cm
oil on canvas
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Diego Quispe Tito (1611-1681) was a Quechua painter from Peru. He is considered the leader of the Cuzco School of painting. The son of a noble Inca family, he was born in Cuzco, and worked throughout his life in the district of San Sebastian; his house remains, and shows his coat of arms on its door.

His work is in the style of Spanish Mannerism and Flemish painting. He is believed to have learned these styles from Italian Jesuit, who was active at the time in Cuzco. He also was influenced in his work by engravings from Flanders. He also incorporated several personal elements into his work; most notable was his use of gilding and his depiction of spacious landscapes filled with birds and angels.