Monday, May 25, 2015

Jorge Vinatea Reinoso

Sellers of reeds
other details unknown

Jorge Segundo Vinatea Reinoso, or Reynoso (1900-1931) was a Peruvian painter and caricaturist. His art falls within the indigenismo category.

He was the eighth child of a poor family, but he was able to study at the Colegio Nacional de la Independencia Americana, a government school created by order of Simon Bolivar. His talent for art had manifested itself at an early age, when he made watercolor landscapes of the area around his home. His first exhibition was held when he was only seventeen. Next year, he went to Lima, where he found employment drawing caricatures and cartoons for a weekly cultural and literary magazine. In the following years, he worked as an illustrator for magazines. Intensely concentrated on his work, he ignored his health and died of tuberculosis, aged only thirty-one.