Friday, May 29, 2015

Jose Javier Mejia Palacio

Musicos de Vallenatos (Vallenato musicians)
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Jose Javier Mejia Palacio (1964- ), born in the city of Barranquilla, is a recognized painter of Colombia city Medellin. He has exhibited at the National and International level. He has been a teacher in the University ITM of Medellin and Teacher of the school Eladio Velez en Itagui.

At age 16 he began studying Painting in Institute of Fine Arts in Medellin, graduating in 1985 as a Master of Plastic Arts. He is a virtuoso naturalist. His models, all of the everyday characters, friends or relatives, achieve emerge through his brush that breath of divinity that everyone has and for which there is usually no eyes. His figures transcend natural perception to express other feelings less explicit and difficult to capture images of lucidity and hallucination.

He has also been honored by numerous organizations such as: The Medal Peace Fenalco, Antioquia in recognition of the social work with children who participated in the program brushes for Peace in Medellin, Colombia 2003, The order of Merit Don Juan del Corral Golden Degree awarded by the City Council of the City of Medellin 2010.