Friday, May 8, 2015

Nancy Glenn-Nieto

Mother & Son, with a Fish
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"In the ancient Mexican tradition where the worship of death involved the worship of new life: the skull - symbol of death - was a promise to resurrection."

Nancy Glenn-Nieto (1944~) is an Mexican American actress, model, and Fine art painter. Perhaps best known as a model and an actress in Mexico City, however, her art work has become highly collectable. She is the widow of the late Mexican Oaxacan painter Rodolfo Nieto. Her major themes are mystical animals, colorful flowers, and powerful saints; she explains “I have developed my own style.” That has become a combination of Mexican folklore, realism, and American pop art where rich colors saturate the canvass evoking Picassoesque images placed on firm construction lines.

Born in Oklahoma; when a child she moved with her family to Southern California. During her girlhood she spent a good deal of time with her maternal grandmother who was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. She became enchanted with her grandmother’s stories that created colorful contrasting views of a country full of culture, music, and ar. Growing up in a family of two cultures, she integrated both with equal value into her personal perspective. While she liked to paint and draw, she also liked the attention she got when she won the Miss Los Angeles beauty contest. That same year at 23 years old she entered the Queen of the Pacific Beauty Pageant held in Melbourne, Australia as the representative from California.

After graduating University of California, Santa Barbara, with a degree in Fine art, her identification with her grandmother motivated her to get to know her grandmother’s Mexican roots. After traveling throughout Mexico, she decided to establish herself in Mexico City. While visiting an art gallery in Mexico City, she was spotted by a publicity director of the Mexico City office of the international publicity company. Impressed with her shapely legs, the director offered her a contract to model in commercials. From that national exposure, her modeling career blossomed. Soon she became one of Mexico’s top models. Large international companies used her image to advertise their product. She appeared on billboards, TV commercials, magazines such as Vanity, in major newspapers, and she modeled in Haute couture fashion shows for Catalina Swimwear, Chanel, Dior, and El Palacio de Hierro.