Sunday, May 17, 2015

Thomas Somerscales

Naval Combat at Iquique
oil on canvas
details unknown

Thomas Jacques Somerscales (1842-1927) was an English marine painter, but he is also considered a Chilean painter as he began his career there and many of his landscapes evoke the region.

He had no formal training as an artist and originally became a teacher in the Royal Navy. He also traveled around the Pacific and while teaching in Valparaiso he started working as a professional painter. 

Influenced early on by the beauty of J.M.W. Turner’s compositions, Somerscales’ work possesses his accurate sense for the world’s creative nature, and the deep strength of its challenging oceans. Once acclimated, he excelled as a local and national artist of the rising South American nation. His climb started with awards in an 1872 international exposition in Santiago.