Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Candido Lopez

Battle of Tuyuti Candido Lopez
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Candido Lopez (1840-1902) was an Argentinian photographer, soldier and painter, who worked in the Naive style. He is best known for historical scenes from the Paraguayan War.

Between 1859 and 1863, he often toured the small cities and villages of Buenos Aires Province and the south of Santa Fe Province, taking a large number of photographs. When the Paraguayan War began, he enlisted and was given the rank of Second Lieutenant and he was assigned to the battalion of the San Nicolas Infantry. During his free time between battles, he painted landscapes and pictures of the military camps. Later, he participated in the battles of Estero Bellaco and Boqueron. At the Battle of Curupayty, his right wrist was shattered by a grenade explosion and his arm had to amputated above the elbow to prevent the spread of gangrene. He retired as an invalid and, he returned to San Nicolas. Once there, he began to practice painting with his left hand, but it was not until 1869 that he considered himself adept enough to continue his career. At that point, he devoted himself entirely to painting scenes of battles and military encampments.

He never achieved financial success, despite a well-received exhibition in 1885. So, two years later, he sent a letter to former President Mitre, asking for his intercession to receive public assistance. Mitre agreed to provide a subsidy in return for a series of paintings documenting the war. From 1888 to 1902, he was busily involved in creating the requested works, based on sketches he had made during his tour of duty.