Sunday, June 7, 2015

Carlos Morel

Combate de caballeria en la epoca de Rosas
oil on canvas
c. 1839
45 x 54 cm
National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Carlos Morel (1813-1894), born in Buenos Aires, was a prominent Argentine painter in the nineteenth century, known as the first truly Argentine painter. His father was a wealthy Spanish merchant. He entered the art school of the University of Buenos Aires in 1827, graduating in 1830 at the age of seventeen. As early as 1837 he was described as a promising young painter.

He painted a variety of subjects including portraits, miniatures, genre scenes, battle scenes and later painted religious subjects, which are not considered his best work. He is best known for his lithographs. His most famous work is a series of 24 plates called Manners and Customs of the Rio de la Plata, published in 1845.