Friday, June 12, 2015

Ramon Silva

Alrededores de Paris
oil on canvas
38 x 46 cm
Current location    
National Museum of Fine Arts in Buenos Aires, Argentina

He was a self-taught painter. The promising student was sponsored by one of the nation's foremost physicians at the time. And, for a 1911 scholarship, he was taken to Paris, where he received influences from the Post-impressionist artists then current in Europe, particularly Alfred Sisley.

Returning to Buenos Aires in 1915, his watercolors received little acceptance and were judged to be more akin to the Postimpressionist approach of artists, then still pariahs among most local critics. Preferring solitude, he worked mostly in and around the arboretum, an extensive park in the Buenos Aires district of Palermo. Remaining in poverty, he contracted pneumonia, which cost him his life in 1919 at age 28.