Sunday, July 19, 2015

Joaquin Clausell

Burgeoning Springs in Autumn
c. 1910
oil on canvas
89.5 x 150.8 cm
Museo Nacional de Arte,
National Museum of Art, Mexico City, Mexico

Joaquin Clausell (1866-1935), born in Campeche Mexico to a Mexican mother and a Spanish father, was a Mexican impressionist painter and journalist. He moved to Mexico City when he turned 20 years old and received a Law degree. The great injustice that reigned throughout the country in those years drove him to publicly fight against the tyranny of politicians. In his quest he became an editor and contributor to various newspapers and periodicals. His activism landed him in jail several times and finally in 1892 he was exiled to France where he took residence in Paris for a year.

He became amazed by the romantic lifestyle of Montmartre where artists achieved worldwide recognition for their work. It is here where he learns about impressionism, a style that he was to perfect and make his own during his career in art. He started painting when he was 35 years old. He got in touch with the Impressionism's techniques in Paris, France with Camille Pissarro.
The novel aspect of his works lies not only in his use of a technique with certain Impressionistic associations, but above all in his search for new localities to represent the Mexican landscape. He became the master of impressionist landscapes in Mexico at the turn of the century. The "Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico" keeps his atelier in the roof. He died tragically, when he fell from a rock wall while he was making one of his frequent hikes out in the Mexican outdoors.