Saturday, July 25, 2015

Juan Cordero

Cristopher Columbus at the Court of the Catholic Monarchs
oil on canvas
180.5 x 251.0 cm
Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Nepomuceno Maria Bernabe del Corazon de Jesus Cordero de Hoyos, better known as Juan Cordero (1822-1884) was a Mexican painter and muralist in the Classical style, who began his career in Rome and Florence.  He is considered a precursor of the movement of the muralists.

His parents originally expected him to join the family business, but eventually recognized his talent and enrolled him at the Academia de San Carlos. By 1844, he was so accomplished that his father gathered together as much money as he could, even selling the family piano, and sent him to study in Rome at the Accademia di San Luca.

Later, his works were noticed by former Mexican President Anastasio Bustamante, who was living in Italy in exile. Back to his country, to which he returned as one of the promises of Mexican art. From 1860 to 1867, he travelled throughout Mexico, painting portraits. He then turned to painting murals. Despite some confrontations, he received commissions for murals in some Mexican churches, as well as pictures of religious, historical topic and some portraits, influencing later artists who participated in the muralist movement.