Monday, August 31, 2015

Jan Autengruber

On the porch
before 1940
oil on canvas
100 x 83 cm
other details unknown

Jan Autengruber (1887-1920) was a Czech painter. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Prague and the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.  Twice he won the annual prize of the Academy. This came to the attention of the German public. In the years 1907-1913 he worked in Munich, in 1910 he made a bike trip to Paris. In 1913 he received a scholarship Klaarovo and went to Italy until 1915.

During the war he tried to avoid enlisting the front, so he began at the Academy in Munich to study restoration. But eventually military service began and he went to the front. After the war he settled in Prague and enrolled to study art history and French at the Faculty of Philosophy.  In 1919 he married a painter and had a daughter in 1920. Soon after that he fell ill with the Spanish flu, severe pneumonia, and died on July 15, 1920.