Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adolf Liebscher

Portrait of the old Emperor Franz Joseph in the robes of the Order of the Golden Fleece
other details unknown

Adolf Liebscher (1857-1919) was a Czech history painter. After completing his education in the local schools, he went to Vienna to attend a three-year course for drawing. He then spent six months preparing to enter a competition for the creation of decorations in the foyer at the National Theater. He received the Second Prize. Afterwards, he spent several months in Italy. Upon his return, he received a series of public commissions, including work at the Rudolfinum, the municipal union hall in Pisek and the government office buildings. In 1879, he became a teacher at the Technical University. He was promoted to Associate Professor in 1895, then to Professor in 1911.

In 1903, he painted a portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph. That same year, he exhibited a cycle of tempera paintings entitled "Czech Elegy", featuring an iconic portrait crowned with thorns, meant to symbolize the suffering of the Czech nation from the oppression of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. In addition to his historical scenes, he produced folk-costume studies, altarpieces and illustrations.