Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Alfred Seifert

by 1901
oil on panel
50.2 x 39.4 cm
location unknown

Alfred Seifert (1850-1901) was a Czech-German painter, famous for his female portraits. He was born in Praskolesy (Czech Republic). He focused on portraits of women, especially on sentimentally mooded heads of girls which became known as "Seifert type". Critics appreciated a well-thought composition of paintings, attention to detail, as well as harmonic colors and a pleasant atmosphere.

As a child, he fell seriously ill, could not walk for four years and spent two years in an orthopedic institution. Instead of playing, he started to draw pictures and his artistic talent soon started to emerge. After two years of studies at a high school in a town of Prague, he got an admission to Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1869. He opened his own workshop there in 1876. He spent most of his life in Germany. Some Czechs criticized his lack of patriotism by pointing out on his preference for foreign topics over domestic ones.