Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jan Krystof Liska

Assumption of Mary
oil on canvas
160 × 103 cm   
National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic

Jan Krystof Liska(c. 1650-1712) was a Czech Baroque painter. His works mainly included altarpieces and frescoes.
In Prague he worked on the altarpiece painting for the St. Nicholas Church. Among his best known works include the altarpiece Stigmata of St. Francis (1701) located in the Red Star Crusaders' motherhouse church in the Old Town. Outside of Prague received orders from various Cistercian monasteries in Bohemia.

Born into a noble family of Moravian knights. After his father died, his mother re-married and he became stepson to a German painter. Since 1689 he worked mainly, besides his native Silesia, especially in Prague although there he had lifelong disputes with local artist's guild, while he lived in the shadow of his famous stepfather painter. After his famous stepfather died in 1706, he managed his stepfather's studio, and, for the rest of his life he obtained contracts from the monastery together with some other Silesian Cistercian monasteries.